Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Déjà vu...

Do you guys ever experience Déjà vu?  Well, I recently experienced it 3 days before Christmas!  I wish I could say it was a wonderful experience that I got to re-live but unfortunately that's not the case.  Do you remember THIS incident from December 2008?  Yes, we got to re-live it- only this time with Noah! 

Let me first start out by saying that the 5:00-6:00 PM hour is by far the most challenging of the day in our household- and of course the hour in which the accident occurred.  Noah, who has been taking steps for months on end, was really starting to walk everywhere.  We have a big blow-up rubber duck that the kids love to climb in and out of.  Well he was playing with it and flipped right over and hit his eye on our stone fireplace.  Yes, we do have protective padding on the edge of our fireplace but Noah's one goal in life is to remove these every chance he gets!  We have tried everything to keep them on but nothing seems to be "Noah proof".  We finally paid the price for that!  I was standing in our kitchen at he countertop that overlooks our den- saw the whole thing but couldn't get to him fast enough.  Of course, Matt wasn't home yet and blood was everywhere!  Davis at the time decided, he needed to go potty (which he does by himself) but this time he started yelling that he needed some... well, lets just say some "assistance".  So I have a screaming kid with blood all over his face, trying to apply pressure to the wound, another kid yelling from the potty, and I"m on the phone with Matt trying to tell him what is going on.  I"m sure that phone call was one he soon won't forget! 

We weren't really sure if Noah needed stitches or not.  I didn't really think so but I also thought that with Davis in 2008 and he ended up with 12 stitches- thus I don't have a stellar track record when it comes to these things.  We took a few pictures and sent them to the ER nurse at Matt's hospital and she thought he likely needed stitches but really needed to see it in person. Noah calmed down quickly after the incident and ate dinner in the car as we drove to the hospital- after all, the kid isn't going to skip a meal! :0)   As previously mentioned Matt works for a hospital and was able call ahead and get us in and out of the ER in record time (and I do mean record time- amazing!), unfortunately the hospital is an hour away  from our house!  However, we received great treatment & Noah ended up NOT having to get stitches- Praise the Lord (images of Davis in that papoose screaming were haunting me the whole car ride there)!  Noah was a sweetie and conked out on the ride home!

The night really could have been so much worse but I sure hope we don't make this a family Christmas tradition.  Really boys, I wouldn't miss it- I promise!

A quick cell phone photo of the split eyelid from the ER....

A picture of the morning after as the swelling sets in.  I actually thought it would be a lot worse.  It did get a little bit worse than this picture but not too much!

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Claire Kiefer said...

poor little buddy! You sure do have cute kids, though. :)