Monday, December 6, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010...

Heaven help me if I ever stay caught up on blogging!  I've just begun to accept that it's not likely to ever
happen in this phase of life.  So sorry dear readers, I'm afraid it makes for a rather boring blog and maybe even confusing, seeing how I'm posting about Thanksgiving when it is clearly December! 
However this Thanksgiving was rather enjoyable!  Davis had a Thanksgiving Feast at preschool where he proceeded to cry while his other classmates did the cute Turkey Tango.  Poor guy- he just has a hard time processing anything out of normal everyday circumstances. He LOVES school, and he LOVES me- it just takes him by surprise when the collide (though I had been preparing him for this all week).  Not sure how to help him with this- I"m hoping he will outgrow it soon.  I didn't get many pictures because I was trying to comfort my son and encourage him to join in the fun feasting.  However I did get a picture of the cute table setting.  All the kids got to pick out a portrait of themselves and give to their parents for a Thanksgiving gift.  Davis had several pictures to choose from but his teacher said he was adamit that they use the one of "me and mommy" that was taken on his orientation day back in August.  Talk about feeling loved (we are the picture in the middle).

I was in charge of dessert for the feast!  The pilgrim hats below are what I made.  Some of my girlfriends looked at me like I was crazy when I explained it to them so here is a picture of one below.  It's a large marshmellow dipped in chocolate upon a kebler elf striped cookie, with some white icing as a buckle.  They were a hit- though a bit messy (but it isn't a good dessert unless its messy, right?)

On Thanksgiving Day Matt's family came over for our annual turkey day lunch!  This is one of my favorite things of the year!  We keep things simple and sweet for the most part!  Once again, not a whole lot of pictures were taken (I keep telling myself I will do better) but the picture below of Davis & Noah reading with their great-grandma are priceless! 

Turkey was pretty good MG!  Sure do wish we had remembered to get the cranberry salad out of the fridge to go with it!  Yum-Yum!
The boys & their cousin ran around, jumped in the bounce house, and had a good time I think.  I love seeing those three together!

In the evening we wobbled over to my grandmother's house and enjoyed our very large family.  Davis belted out the sweetest version of the blessing to date and  Noah had no problem eating two large meals in one day.  It was a sweet time of giving thanks to God for such wonderful family, young and old.

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