Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Santa! I know Him!"

We recently went for our annual visit to see Santa Clause! Last year Davis wouldn't even go near the man, but this year went much better!  True to form, he was pretty shy but was able to tell Santa that he would like engines, cars, and a Toy Story book for Christmas!  Noah on the other hand, well you can make your own deductions....
 Poor little guy!  Am I a cruel mom because I love these pictures?!?

 The trip went about like I expected- maybe even a little bit better since Davis was so brave!  It is with mixed emotions that I watch him face and conquer fears!  It just proves that he is growing up more and more. Exactly what I want him to do on one hand and on the other I wish time would just freeze and he would stay a little boy forever!   What can I say, I'm hard to please! :)

Outside of Santa, there was  a Despicable Me display.  We have yet to see the movie but that doesn't mean we weren't going to join in the fun!

We are looking forward to Christmas morning to see the gifts Santa brings in celebration of Jesus Christ birthday!  We are counting down the days!

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