Tuesday, December 7, 2010

O' Christmas Tree...

Our Annual tradition is to go get a Christmas tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving (the day after T-day is for shopping of course!  Yes, I'm one of those people and I love it!  Though you will never see me standing in line for Toy-R-Us, Best Buys, or any of the true hot spots).  I digress... back to Christmas trees!  Does anything set the mood of Christmas like a tree with lights all aglow?  Not in this household!  Here are a few pictures of the boys looking for just the right tree.

Noah sees one he likes!

Now Davis sees the perfect one too!
Noah feeling things out!
After getting the perfect tree we decorated it of course.  This is the tallest tree we've ever gotten so Matt & Davis combined forces to hang ornaments towards to top.
Which would have worked great except that Davis didn't like letting go of Daddy to actually hang the ornaments! Time after time the same thing happened! I was being the supportive wife/mother rolling on the
floor laughing at this point. 
Noah was hanging the lower ornaments!

The kid can fill out those 24 month PJ's @ 14 months!

Ironically, I've now done a whole post on our Christmas tree but have failed to take a picture of the final product.  Let me assure you though, its beautiful (if you don't mind small clusters of ornaments here and there.  In fact we have two large photo ornaments we hang on our tree & Davis insisted we put them side-by-side because "the brothers go together."  Now who has the heart to rearrange that?  Not this mommy!)

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