Saturday, February 27, 2010

Zing, Zang, Zoom....

For Valentines Day Gigi & Grandaddy man got all of tickets to the cirus! Unfortunately, Matt couldn't make it due to business travel but my bestfriend, Rosie & her daughter Avery were able to go with us instead! The worlds greatest show on earth was... ok! I think the kids enjoyed it but probably would have gotten more enjoyment out of it at an older age! Davis enjoyed the elephants & the clowns weren't nearly as scary as Matt made them out to be! The highlight of the show was when Granddaddy man (thats what davis calls my dad) bought the kids "wands" as souvenirs! My personal highlight was when Davis told me he had to go potty during the middle of the show & then went on the public toilet like a pro! It's the little things that count to this mommy!

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