Thursday, February 11, 2010

Running In the Classroom....

A little story from last week….

On Tuesday I picked Davis up from “school” and his teachers mentioned that he got sent to “time out” for the first time all year long! I wasn’t even aware they did “time outs” at school but fully support the idea. Apparently, he had been running in the classroom after being told twice to walk. When he got sent to time out his teachers said he was sooo upset. I’m sure he was because it’s the same thing at home. He HATES timeout! Fortunately, for that reason alone- we don’t really have to do them that much. Just the mention of "time out" typically stops the negative behavior. But I guess on that day he was testing his limits- as we all do at some point. His teacher laughed as she told me that as the time out ended, he gained composure & he looked up at her with swollen eyes and said “I’m fine now”.

I struggled with how much to bring this up with him because time out is so effective with him and he tends to be hard on himself. So we briefly talked it about it that afternoon, casually mentioned it later on & talked about the importance of listening to our teachers.

Which leads me to the funny instance that I keep laughing about it my head…

So the other day he was playing in the den with his dinosaurs. You know these dinosaurs! No worries, on this day they were not eating any wise men, just simply running after each other. Not thinking about recent events, I said something like “Are your dinosaurs running after each other?” To which he looked up and replied “yes, mommy but NOT in the classroom”!

Well- that's good buddy... that’s very, very good!

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