Monday, March 9, 2009

Just a Swingin'

Well, one weekend we have snow the next weekend we have 70 degree weather- love that GA weather! We have been wanting to utilize our big backyard for quite some time now by getting Davis a swingset; so as an early Easter present we bit the bullet and got one this weekend! We bought it on Saturday morning & labeled the parts on Saturday night (though you would have thought we were playing hours and hours of bingo or battleship- G4, R7, etc. Davis was so excited about it that he hardly slept at all on Saturday night (ok- maybe it's the ear infection that was diagnosed Monday morning at the Dr's office but I"m sure visions of the swing set kept him awake too)! Can I just say that I"m so very thankful to have a handy husband? By Sunday afternoon the swingset had been assembled and Davis was exploring this new world outside!
Here Davis is reading the instructions to his Daddy!
Now he is wondering "When are you ever going to be done with this? It is time to play!!!!"

Next he is doing his happy dance... I must say he's got somes moves folks :)The final product minus the roof/tarp that goes on top of the fort....Matt teaching Davis how to climb...Going down the slide for the first time!So happy with his new surroundings!


Jennifer said...

Looks like so much fun! Avery can't wait for her first play date on the swingset.

Kad and Peaches said...

I'm with Rose...Gabriella wants to know when she can help break in that swing? ;) The playset looks great!