Monday, March 2, 2009


The strangest thing happened this past Sunday! We were out eating breakfast when all of the sudden we noticed that there were HUGE snowflakes falling from the sky! Now I understand that to some (ok, maybe even most) this is not a big deal- but ya'll here in the great state of Georgia this is a rare occasion!!!! So rare that when we got home one of the first things we did was let Davis go outside & play for a few minutes...

At first, he wasn't that interested.... It's hard to put down a good book!

Side Note: If you ever see the Sesame Street board books that Target sells every now & then for a $1 they are worth every penny & then some. Davis can't get enought of them and they teach him shapes, colors, foods, etc...

However, it only took a moment for Davis to toss the book in the snow and realize the magnitude of what he was seeing.... snow in the south!

After a few few moments, we decided that we would go back inside. We figured the snow would stop shortly.... But it ended up snowing almost all day! Our household loved every minute of it!

We later took Davis back out after naptime to have just a little bit more fun!

And of course, he cried when we brought him back in - red nose and all!

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Liz Brookshire said...

Anna is a little jealous of Davis! We got some big flakes, but no accumulation. She enjoyed looking at the pictures of him playing in the snow though :)