Saturday, December 27, 2008

Joy To The World- The Lord Has Come... Christmas Morning 2008

I had idealized a perfect Christmas morning! So much so that we each recieved cute PJ's on Christmas Eve in preperation for the perfect Norman Rockwell Christmas! However, when we got home from my parents house on Christmas Eve I realized that we had left my new PJ's at their house! Oh well, so much for the perfect look! Then on Christmas morning we took Davis down stairs expecting a look of shear joy on his face when he sees what Santa & his loving parents have gotten him this year for Christmas...

However, he simply walked past the display of gifts and headed into the kitchen. Yes, apparently we have raised him well! He understands two basic principals. First, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and second, Christmas isn't all about the presents! But still as he ate slowly, I start to get frustrated... this isn't how it is suppose to play out! Oh how God teaches me so many things by being a mommy! And the teaching never stops, even on Christmas day!Eventually he finishes eating and we guide him over to the gifts that await him! He first goes to the Mickey Mouse and the (ugly) Mickey Mouse PJ's that Santa brought! Santa must have figured that the joy Davis would get from wearing Mickey would outweight the poor fashion statement. Santa is smart like that...Here I am trying to show Davis that there is more than just Mickey Mouse; for instance here is his first tool bench! Daddy is going to be so proud! After exploring the books and tool bench we dig into the stocking...

Crayons, flash cards, bath toys and... body wash? Really Santa!
Next we explore this big Santa bag! Davis' wasn't quite sure what to think of this!
So I helped him open it up to reveal his first lawn mower! I guess everything is more than likely a first really! This lawn mower blows bubbles when you push it. I can't wait till we can use it outside when it gets warm! Davis LOVES bubbles- loves them!

After we had our fun at home we scurried out the door to go see Papa & G'Mama! We loved our time with them! During the morning it was just the 5 of us and then in the afternoon we were joined by Great Grandma, and the Reid's. Davis recieved lots of books & cool puzzles which just might become a favorite! The Gorman's also gave Davis the perfect pair of PJ's (which you will see why they are so perfect in a post to come)! Davis was in a good mood (espeically considering he wasn't on his normal napping schedule) and enjoyed all the attention he recieved!

In hindsight it was a great morning! It is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and the bustle of Christmas day but I feel compelled to highlight that Jesus' birth is what the season is all about. I hope that as Davis gets older we are able to clearly communicate this essential message!

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