Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Christmas Card Photo Shoot...

Below are a few pictures from our annual Christmas photo shoot! We couldn't get the perfect picture to save our lives! My parents came over to take our family of 3's Christmas picture. However we failed to fully think this through because when grandparents are around Davis wants nothing to do with us! This was counter productive to the whole photo shoot! As you can see, things turned out ok- not great or perfect- but ok! I think the pictures are a true representation of the season of life we are in! And though there are moments of frustration, I look at these pictures and know that this is one of the best Christmas we have ever experienced.

The final product: our 2008 Christmas Cards! Yes, we sent out two differen ones because I under estimated the amount we needed!!!! I think that is a sign of just how blessed we are!

The inside reads: Wishing you a Christmas stitched with love, joy, & laughter!

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