Saturday, November 29, 2008

We Gobbled Till We Wobbled...

Needless to say Thanksgiving 2008 was a success! Following a 5 year tradition Papa & G-Mama, along with Great Grandma came over on Thanksgiving Day. It was a small crowd but it allowed for some really good quality time for us all! This year, Matt was in charge of the turkey (a big step for my controlling tendencies) and I just have to say it just may have been the best turkey I have ever eaten. Seriously- it was that good!

And look at his face below... he knows he rocked it! I'm beginning to think that he got his awesome grilling skills from his dad, who made a wonderful smoked pork loin (but the fact the pork turned out great was a suprise to no one)!

Before lunch, Papa and G-Mama helped Davis get out some cooped up energy! These days he is ALL boy! And for that I'm thankful.... most of the time :-)

Davis loves his ducky! His Great Grandma got it for him a few months ago! Thanks Grandma!!!

Having a grand time! Shortly after all the duck time- it quickly turned into story time. Davis presented G-Mama, Papa, and Great Grandma with book, after book, after book. It is nice to have others there to read to him as much as he would like! Not-to-mention that Great Grandma does great sound effects! Unfortunately, I got busy in the kitchen and failed to take pictures of this priceless time!
After lunch it was naptime for "D" and the Gormans headed home in the late afternoon. We then headed to Granna's for the Foster Thanksgiving! Just when you can't eat another bite, you realize that you can! Who can pass up such wonderful food? We had a great time and I can't believe how old all of my young cousins are getting! I guess I forget that I'm getting older too!

So needless to say, we stuffed our faces on Thanksgiving. Or you might would say our bellies...

I will spare you any picture of me and Matt's bellies! (Rest assured there are none in existence)!

But trust me when I say we were practically waddling too!

We are so thankful for all that our little boy brings to our family and all of the joy that our family brings to our little boy!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

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Lauren Olivia Stephens said...

LOVE these pictures of Davis! Sounds like y'all had a great Thanksgiving! ~sara