Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat...

Happy Halloween Everyone! Davis had a great Halloween this year! Since it fell on a Friday night there were lots of high school football games going on this year- one of which MHS vs. HHS (a rival in our family). Aunt Jennifer had friends and family over for a tailgating party and then everyone was suppose to walk to the game (however, I think every person decided to catch a ride due to chili weather)! The food was excellent- all different types of soups! Football, cold weather, yummy food, friends, & family- now this is what fall is all about!

Our family of three did not go to the game but dropped by for the tailgating festivities. Davis was a dinosaur and looked adorable (if I do say so myself)! Once he mastered balancing his tail while walking he cruised right along from person to person. However, it was quite the challenge at first! After the tailgating we headed home to pass out candy to our neighbors and put our little dinosaur to bed. Next year we will go door-to-door but as for this year it was the perfect night.

Gigi and D.G

Look at those big tears! They didn't last long...
This dinosaur loves crackers!

Check out my long tail...

Davis and Cooper Thompson

Grandaddy & Davis

An attempt at a family picture- sometimes Dinosaurs can be rather difficult to handle... don't try this at home!

Slightly better....

Staci & Cooper Thomson, Me & Davis, Kristi & Issac

What a bunch of animals!

Unfortunatly, Davis wasn't up for a picture at the moment.

So Daddy gave him a dum-dum before dinner.... yes, only on Halloween!

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