Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mountian Day 2008

Yesterday we went up to Berry College for Mountain Day! Mountain Day is a celebration of Martha Berry's Birthday (the founder of the college). This is more or less our small school's equivalent of homecoming! It was our 5 year reunion and we had a great time! The weather was perfect- and when I mean perfect- I really mean me perfect! We got there early set out our picnic blanket right underneath the perfect tree, played for a while, ate good food, and caught up with new and old friends! Davis loves being outside and enjoyed exploring and playing with all the other kids there! Below are a few pictures of this wonderful fall afternoon-


Reflecting on why students running up and down a hill is considered a proper way to celebrate the founder's birthday...

Happy Birthday Martha!

Look at me Da-da!

Smiling with Mommy!

Look at all these kids... =)

I think I'm going to go meet some of them...

First, there is Caroline Swoffard... looking cute in her Berry t-shirt and bonnet! Mommy always says accessories can make an outfit! Go Vikings!

Next, there is Miss Avery Thaxton.. I also got to have dinner with her too! Aren't I a lucky boy?

The girls sticking together!

That's ok because I met a new friend, Andrew Manley. They were sitting right behind us and I just crawled right over there and started playing with him! Fortunatly, my mommy and his mommy lived in the same dorm together their freshman year- so they got to catch up too! Andrew was so nice and patient with me!

This is the toy my Aunt Stacy, Uncel Jodey, and cousin Turner gave me for my birthday! It might just be my favorite toy! I L-O-V-E it! Thanks guys!

Avery likes it too!


Turtle's Mom said...

It looks like you guys had a great time! My handsome little nephew is quite the social butterfly, huh? :)

pennie yearty said...

What cute kids!