Thursday, September 18, 2008

St. George Island 2008

We recently traveled Saint George Island for a much anticipated beach vacation! Every year (or almost every year) my parents rent a beautiful home there and invite us (and our dogs) to come. This year between Hurricane Hanna and Hurricane Ike we thought our much anticipated trip to the beach was going to be canceled. However, Saturday morning we set out with high hopes that we would be able to stay for at least a few days. It just so happens that the Saturday we left was September 6th. Do you know what day that was? Our five year anniversary! Who doesn’t like to celebrate five years of marraige by taking a 7 hour drive to the beach with a 12 month old, and two beagles? In all honesty, it really wasn’t that bad (Davis road with my parents a good portion of the way) and I always enjoy the conversations Matt and I have on long trips! Time really does fly- especially these last couple of years! I can honestly say our marriage just keeps getting better and better (and it’s was never bad to start with)! How lucky am I? God must have heard our prayers because we stayed from Saturday- Thursday and had great breezy weather each day! However, Wednesday night the tide was continuously high and the wind was piercing so we decided to be grateful for the good days we had had and go home and make the best out of the remaining vacation days! This was Davis’ second trip to the beach and he seemed to enjoy it more this time! He played in the tide pools that stretched down the beach and enjoyed the private swimming pool we had! We brought his wagon so he could enjoy strolls on the beach and it turned out to be very useful in transporting all of our beach “stuff” (and as anyone who has a baby/toddler knows- there is A LOT of “stuff”). At the end of each day we would try to get all the sand off of him but there are so many little rolls that this turned out be quite challenging. Here are a few of our favorite pictures from the beach...

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