Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Joy of Ear Tubes...

Hey Everyone! I'm afraid this will be a rather boring post for most! However, most of this is just for documentation purposes. On Monday of this week Davis had a small outpatient surgery for getting tubes put in his ears! We are hoping this cuts down, better yet eliminates, all the ear infections he has had over the past 6 months.

We had to be at the hospital (which is an hour away) at 6:00 AM on Monday! What an early morning for everyone! Davis of course, couldn't eat or drink after midnight but that didn't really pose a problem for the most part! He was actually in a really good mood the morning of the surgery and was very friendly to the doctors and nurses- I'm hoping he has grown out of the "screaming for help every time we see a doctor" phase!

From the time they wheeled him out of the room to the time we met with the doctor afterwards was a whole 6 minutes! Literally, 6 minutes! Isn't medicine amazing?! Everything went well and we were brought back to see him. Coming out of anesthesia he was fighting mad! He cried, and cried while we tried to soothe him. I think he was just dizzy, confused, and all of the other not so fun things that go with coming out from anaesthesia :( As time went on he got a little bit better and within probably 30 minutes we were walking out the door. Unfortunately, it was in the parking lot of the hospital where Davis decided to get sick and vomit (while Daddy was holding him in his nice work clothes)! Poor Davis and Daddy. Fortunately, due to Matt's "skills" both of them remained clean. Within 15 minutes after that Davis was calmed down and soothed, ready to eat and drink. By the time we got home you never would have known that he just had surgery... other than being a little bit off balance and being dressed in his hospital gown which he immediately removed like so... We are going to try and start potty training next week and have bought Davis a few pairs of underwear which he LOVES! He tries to put them on himself, and insisted on wearing them after surgery. Seeing how we haven't started the actual potty training process he wore them for a short while over his diaper! Mommy can only handle one thing at a time folks! Since then we have put them up so he won't loss his enthusiasm when the time comes! If anyone has any advice on potty training a little boy be sure to share! I think it will be quite an experience! I've heard that boys need to be a little bit older but I think we are just going to give it a try and see what happens!

Anyway, that is all about the ear tubes! I hope & pray they work well! Matt had to have 3 sets has a child but we are hoping this is a one time experience (though it wasn't as bad as I was anticipating)!


Blessed Mom said...

Ear Tubes are great! Maddox got them at about 14 months and it was night and day. Before we were always at the doctor with infections, but that stopped. They are on there way out so hopefully we will not have to have round 2! Good luck to you! He is a cutie!!

lesley foster said...

As far as potty training, bud, i would wait about 6 months - especially get past the trip to the beach and a new born because they usually will regress anyway! i pushed it with morgan and it was work! i waited with the boys and it was easy - no accidents at all - ever!