Friday, April 8, 2011

We. Heart. Spring. Break.

What is better than spring break?

Spring Break with friends.

Oh wait, Spring Break with friends, sunny weather,  playgrounds, jump houses, AND POPSICLES!  

Avery, Davis, Gabriella
 Green and Yellow popsicles to be exact!

 And the last question.... 

some would say the classic question....

but always the question that rings true to my thoughts...

where in the world has the time gone?

Gabriella, Davis, & Avery November 2008
Sigh.... never has time gone by so fast.  These are some blessed days!  I'm going to go cry myself to sleep now.  Good night ;) 

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kad said...

Great, now I can cry myself to sleep too...geez! :) Sweet post, sweet friend. We love, love, love having amazing friends like you guys! *Randomly, Gabriella told me today, "I didn't take my shirt off like they did to eat a popcicle." Me: "Oh, did you want to?" G: "No, I would have been very, very cold!" =)