Tuesday, October 19, 2010

An Apple A Day...

We recently got the luxury of staying in Matt's parents beautiful cabin (or "cavin" as Davis calls it) & had a wonderful weekend! One of the highlights of the weekend was an apple orchard we ventured out to not far from the "cavin." We really didn't know how well this would go because (a) we'd never been to it before (b) Davis doesn't really like the unexpected or crowded places & (c) he isn't a fan of animals, espeically petting zoos. So it was a huge surprise and feeling of acomplishment when we were able to call the day a great success! Davis enjoyed picking apples, riding the tractor, and didn't freak out at the petting zoo (a HUGE advancement)! And if you ask about the petting zoo Davis will likely tell you the story about the goat who tried to eat his shirt- and that my friends is a true story. Not nearly the big event Davis remembers but still sweet to hear him recant! Noah seemed to enjoy the day as well- though he would have loved to have sinked his few teeth into an apple if we had let him. :) All in all, it was a great experience (minus my camera battery dying about 5 mintues into the trip due to my irresponsiblity. Thankfully Matt had his cellphone but still the quality is never the same). Regardless we may have adopted a new family fall tradition! Next year I promise my camera battery will be charged though!

(shirt eating goat pictured above)

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Lee said...

Cute pictures, but what do you expect with the subject matter? So glad y'all had a good time!