Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another Day At Work...

At the beginning of last week, Matt took a day off of work! We've been battling colds & stomach bugs in our household for weeks on end & I think he could tell I was in need of some help! Noah didn't want Matt to feel like he was missing to much at work so he decided to dress up for him (yes, Matt is one of the only people out there who still "Dresses up" for work, tie and all everyday)!
My friend Cynthia made the onesie above and can applique anything! If you are interested in contacting her let me know & I will give you her contact info! She is great & so creative! She has made some adorable things & we are honored to have a few of them!!!!
We greatly appreciated having Matt around! Unfortunately, guess who had a bad cold by the end of the week? You guessed it! Matt did! Fortunately he seems to be feeling better but it has been a battle zone around here! Dare I say we are nearing the end? I do think things are improving but we are still sooo ready for spring to come!!!!
(Not quite sure why the spacing is off in this post- it's a blogger issue! One I"m not willing to spend another minute trying to fix)! Enjoy your evening people!